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“The newsletter alone is worth the money. Having the website containing the past newsletters and articles, along with the client letters and reports is a nice added bonus.”

"What a great resource for information affecting my older clients. The information is always useful and timely.”

The Only Elder Tax Resource Designed by Tax Professionals for Tax Professionals

Spidell's Elder Client PlannerTM is a monthly publication covering tax, legal, and financial issues facing retired and retiring clients. Each month you will get analysis of issues that directly relate to aging clients, citations to keep abreast of changes in tax law, Social Security laws and procedures, and new good, bad, and ugly investment opportunities that affect your clients.

Recent articles have covered such topics as: knowing when to take a deduction for interest on a reverse mortgage, making decisions for 2010 estates, new information needed from clients, undoing Roth conversions, using the FOIA to help clients, probable 2011 FICA increase, the benefits of having a flexible estate plan, and deducting unreimbursed partnership expenses.

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In this month's issue:

  • Taxpayer’s second IRA rollover invalidated due to once a year rule
  • IRS makes big changes to efile process
  • IRS relief too late for parent who provided foster care for son

All articles contain in-depth coverage on such important information as:

  • Tax planning
  • IRA contributions
  • End-of-year gift planning
  • Health insurance plans
  • Estate planning
  • Medicare changes
  • Investments
  • Tax laws and their effect on seniors
  • Charitable contributions
  • And more!!!

Elder Client Planner
The Elder Client PlannerTM is our nationwide publication to help tax professionals keep their retired or near-retired clients.
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